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Sergey Puchkov

Sergey Puchkov was born in the town of Severouralsk, a very picturesque corner of Sverdlovskaya oblast, 22 May 1959. Fascinating beautiful nature of the Ural was the source of Sergey's inspiration in his early days, his first teacher of music who opened for him the wonderful world of sounds. On graduating from the secondary school Sergey entered the School of Music. After one year's study here he was called to the Army files, however, that was the fate will directing him to the Army Ensemble of Song and Dance where he fulfilled his two years' military duty. Then he returned to the native School of Music and successfully completed his study here at the Percussion Instruments Department.

In 1981, the graduate, he and several friends formed a musical band and called it Pulsar. They played art rock. At that time this music was the way to self-realization, the opportunity to release their irrepressible energy of youth. All together they moved to Sochi, and then to Kyiv, Ukraine where have been living till now.

But everything flows, everything changes. There came the point when Sergey felt that available means of self-expression were not enough for him anymore. There was a period of creative quest for a new musical form and instrument and it was successful - Sergey took up Indian music and discover, a new for him, original instrument, oriental drums called tabla and began to master it enthusiastically. After a short while he and Sergey Isakov, the guitarist of Pulsar, joined into a duet. With prepared musical repertoire for the guitar and tabla, they set off for Italy where they gave a concert before a highly spiritual person Shri Mataji Shrivastava. That was marvelous event in their lives - Shri Mataji invited them to study at the Academy of Music in Nagpur, India. Thanks to that milestone meeting Sergey was granted an opportunity to deepen into culture of India, soak with its spirituality, study Indian classical music and comprehend the ancient history and roots of tabla. Of course it was not easy at all in the beginning but fortunately Sergey had a very good teacher - guru - Sandesh Popodkar who helped him to master the technique of playing tabla, feel the instrument, its beauty and depth and perfection.

Shortly after their return to Ukraine, in 1999, The Heavenly River was formed, with pouring together several professional musicians. "I have found people who are near my heart and soul. It's a great luck for our creative union and my personal as well", says Sergey.

Their creative activity resulted in the debut album The Light that came out in 2001. "The aim of our music is to bring peace in minds and hearts of people, to free them from unnecessary inside sorrows, to make them more kind and pure".

Besides recording the second album of The Heavenly River they are currently working on, from time to time Sergey participates as a sideman in a number of projects of other famous Ukrainian solo musicians and bands like Oleg Skripka from VV, Maria Burmaka, SV-Acustic duet just to mention a few. With adorning sounds of his tabla, Sergey adds oriental ornamentations and World Music flavour to their music.