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Ruslan Pashynskyi

Ruslan Pashynskyi was born in Kyiv, in the family of a musician. His father, Vladimir I. Pashynskyi, is a senior lecturer of the Instrumental Music Department of the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts. He had been the leader of the Stankton variety ensemble for more then twenty-five years. First music impressions, clarinet and saxophone lessons, showing him what the good performer should be like - for all that Ruslan, no doubt, pays tribute to his father

On leaving School of Music from the Piano Department, he chose the career of the professional musician and started to play on piano and keyboard with Stankton. At the age of 17, graduated from the Cultural and Educational Specialized School with honors degree he entered the Kyiv Institute of Culture and after a year of study there the Army called him to its file to serve for two years as a military musician. This fact formed his character, but did not alter his professional plans. Ruslan returned to the Institute and combined his studies with work, concert activity and eastern single combat practice. Later because of the arm injury he was forced to give up his trainings.

It's a common thing that the young musician is more tend to be a performer, attracted by the bandstand, and teaching is not such a fascinating challenge and often is of secondary importance. Only an able educator, as Ruslan is, could manage to organize a real children jazz band, thus laid the foundation for the new Variety Art Department that in 1996 opened at the Kyiv Second School of Arts where he has successfully been working up to the present day, bringing up young jazzmen who regularly and easily take first prizes at various music contests. With the same commitment of an artist he was giving the Variety and Jazz Ensemble course and clarinet and saxophone lessons at the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts.

Important for him is the very idea of constructive effect of music on a person, the strength and depth of that unique influence.

In 1995 Ruslan learned about the teachings Sahaja Yoga and found his spiritual growth path and met people who thought and felt just like he. A lecture of Doctor of Medicine and Philosophy Mrs. Shrivastava revealed Sahaja Yoga as Meta science that covered not only arts, but also all aspects of human life, comprising advanced concepts and ancient knowledge about the subtle system of man. There is more to say; Sahaja Yoga joined gifted musicians together into one ensemble, into The Heavenly river. In the year 1998 it takes its origin.