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Valeria Marchenko

Native Kyivite, she was born in the family of an engineer (the father) and mother-lecturer of the Kyiv Polytechnic University. Music was her first love - the girl studied at the Piano Department of one of the Kyiv School of Music.

After school she entered the Polytechnic University - her mum's favorite - which in its days was called the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (KPI). But music won the day and yet a senior student, Lera was studying at the Kyiv Evening School of Music, mastering keyboard and singing in the choir.

However, she did graduate from the University - the fact that gave her mother great joy and pleasure. And then she enrolled in the Glier Higher School of Music. During the following years she combined her studies with the work at the Variety Art and Jazz Ensemble Department of the Evening School of Music, one the student of which she had been not so long ago. When finished her study at Glier School, she started to work there, in her Alma Mater.

She got married and today has two daughters who are also engaged in music. Although she was happy in marriage and successful in her professional life, now and then Valeria felt some inner dissatisfaction. In 1996 she discovered Sahaja Yoga and the positive influence of that practice was obvious: her life changed, she achieved balance, piece and confidence within herself, life acquired a new meaning and perception of music was different.

That is a real achievement for an artist. Her inner piece passed along to the entire family, her husband and children benefited greatly from that state of hers, while the learning of new material to play, Indian classical music, inspired her to compose new melodies. Lera flowed into The Heavenly river where sense of collective harmony between musicians, peculiar spiritual atmosphere yielded such longing inside joy. Probably, every artist is striving for that state. One can hardly described it with words, but one can certainly try and experience that.