Sergey Isakov

Valeria Marchenko

Ruslan Pashynskyi

Sergey Puchkov





Sergey Isakov - leader of the group

He was born in the Urals, in the town of Asbest, Sverdlovskaya oblast, Russia. Music was always there from the earliest days of his life - his father played on guitar, bayan and many other instruments and that formed his love for music - and being a young schoolboy he attended musical hobby group where he learned to play the bayan.

On leaving school he entered the Technical Secondary School of Mining Industry, then served in the Army and there he played in the Army Orchestra and Ensemble. After the service he prepared on his own for the entering exams for the Bayan Department of the Asbest School of Music (ASM). There he met Sergey Puchkov with whom he has been friends up to the current moment.

ASM-leavers, first they worked in Sochi with the group called 'Pulsar' that played art-rock. Then they moved to town of Prypyat, just 1 kilometer from the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant. When Chornobyl blew up on 26 April 1986 they were there, in Prypyat.

In 1991, by that time they were living and working in Kyiv, they opened Sahaja Yoga for themselves. Meditation and knowledge acquired through practicing Sahaja Yoga gradually and effortlessly balanced the overall physical and mental state and health, damaged due to Chornobyl.

The music of The Heavenly river is of improvisational kind that makes every performance unique, dependent on a particular inner state of each member of the group.